Saturday, February 18, 2017

so, so tired

I hope I am not getting something. I started talking to Joe at the golf course and he started coughing (though he covered his mouth) and now it is 930 and I have just finished dinner at O’Charley’s and I am very tired and I didn’t even finish my meal. I did a hike today, piano, yoga, knee exercises, and a few little jobs outside including running the generator, fixing the light in the camper, checking the bike pressure, and putting away my hammer and my rebar piece. I then headed out to play golf and I played okay, shooting a 55 with a goal of 54 but that score was kind of deceptive since I got an 11 on the second hole (and my first three shots were perfect but the third didn’t reach the green and dropped back into sandtrap). Instead of hacking it out with my lob wedge, always a chancy proposition, I decided to putt it out to the side and while it held for a second, it then began to roll and rolled all the way down the hill. Anyway I did play most of the other holes well but with an 11 on the second hole it was a tough round.

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