Thursday, February 16, 2017

New Contest

Thursday turned out to be a fine day even though I had to have bloodwork. Valarie did a fine job and it barely hurt. Back home, I did my stationary bike, my weights and yoga, piano, knee exercises, and took a hike to the orchard and back. After bloodwork I treated myself to a cheeseburger at Five Guys and a mini blizzard at Dairy Queen. Following a needed nap, I did my lumosity training, then set up my When will Trump Resign Contest. That should be fun. I am down to 3 lasix and I hope to go down even further when I get rid of another 5 or 10 pounds of water. I have now dropped in three days from 247 to 228. I got a text from Claire but nothing about the house so I assume there is no word yet. I will see her tomorrow for lunch at 1. I got a nice email from Darbi about Annie Dillard and I will respond to that later.

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