Friday, July 8, 2016

An especially grueling therapy session

I had a pretty good day, starting with my exercises and a good icing. I did some piano, trimmed the road to my cabin and got my kayaking gear out, trimmed the road to the orchard some, tightened the clamps on the camper, washed the dishes and then got ready for physical therapy. It was a tough session (especially the device for straightening my knee). Two five minutes periods of that and I was ready to cry. I could hardly walk after the session but by the time I got home, my knee was better. I napped, did the rest of my practicing, cleaned the stove, did medium weights and did some straightening up. I do have an appointment with social security on September 1 to sign up for medicare. I drove to the mall and walked for 20 minutes on the huckleberry trail before heading to Panera for dinner, a funny email to my kayak friend about our planned trip on Sunday, lumosity and my blog.

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