Saturday, July 16, 2016

"Stupid is as Stupid does"

I ended up meeting Maddie and Claire and it was nice to see them both. After dropping them off I drove out to the Walker Creek bridge and got two fish, a bluegill and a bass. I had a nice drive back and then stopped at the Armstrong parking lot to ride my bike. I was doing fine until I was going up a slight incline when I couldn’t do it and I fell over. I was really scared that I had hurt my knee but after a few seconds of lying on the ground, I was able to get up and nothing seemed too bad. My knee hurt but not much more than at other times when I have overdone it. I went for dessert at O’Charley’s and then drove home. I iced my knee and took two Tylenol and thought it was a bit messed up but I thought there was no permanent damage. In the morning my knee hurt, but I decided to go cut the grass and my knee didn’t hurt too much. Later, I did two single sets of exercises and iced my knee both times and thought I was okay but I didn’t do any exercise bike or much walking. I did all my piano and my weights while watching the Open, and when I got ready to shower, I found the area just above my ankle was swollen. That freaked me a bit but I put the compression sock back on and then after I took a 20 minute walk on the Huckleberry, the swelling had gone down some. I went to my office to do my lumosity training and my blog and get the stuff ready for when I go to Social Security on September 1st. I am pretty sure I didn’t damage the knee surgery but I will keep taking it easy for at least another day. I had some good email exchanges with my kayak friend.

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