Saturday, July 2, 2016

Three fish on Big Walker

Another good day Saturday turned out. I did my first set of exercises, then took a hike to my White Pine for the first time in a few weeks. I gave my usual thanks and asked for healing for those who need it. It was much easier getting back up because I could go faster. I did 30 minutes of biking, all my piano work, got a nap in, did the light weights and another set of exercises and painted the generator box (the caulking and the second coat on the roof). I put five of the novels in the course outline for the fall and then showered and headed out around 3:30. I ended up driving out to my spot on Big Rock road but there were a number of people fishing and swimming so I went out 42 and ended up on a bridge across Walker and caught two big bluegills and a small redeye bass. That was a lot of fun. I stopped at NRCC and walked for 20 minutes then stopped at Walmart for some supplies then headed to my office to finish the outline and update my blog. I will be heading out for dinner soon and I may still walk again if it doesn’t rain. Finally got a call from Cathy and she is doing well and so are the girls.

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