Sunday, July 10, 2016

back kayaking

A very good day in ways, although my morning exercises were tough and I had to cut them short. I am not sure if it was Friday’s session with the machine or playing golf yesterday. Anyway, I did a decent set, put the firring strips on the sides of the generator box, painted them, trimmed a little around the house, played most of my piano pieces, did my medium weights, and showered. I was to meet my kayak friend at 1 at Tangent but I got there early so I set things up and when my friend got there with her kayak things went slowly with the shuttle but we were on the water by 2. We had a very good chat and my friend did very well in the rapids toward the end. After the shuttle back my friend took me out for ice cream at Cold Stone and it was very good. I took a nap and then had dinner at Nagoya. I finally talked to Cathy and hopefully we will have dinner before they head south for a few weeks. Cathy said the girls would like to get together and that would be fun.

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