Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Back on the Tractor

On Monday I was able to take the tractor out for the first time and I filled three potholes and scraped the road in a few spots. I also did some trimming around the house. I did some weights but only half of my practicing. At Radford, I gave the first part of the midterm and then headed out to play golf and then take a walk with Rob. Tuesday was also pretty busy but I got my exercises done and half my practicing. I also took a walk to the big White Pine and that was comforting. I talked to Omnicare and the new bill is down to 358 and they didn’t file the insurance yet so it should be even less. I would be okay with 200 but if I can get it lower that would be fine. My class went very well and I let them go early after we looked at the two stories assigned. I took a quick walk around campus before my office hour and that felt good. Talked with my kayak friend outside Russell for a few minutes and I hope to take a walk with her and Hank later this week. I decided to drive out to Walker even though it was iffy weather and when I got there the weather was okay and I caught two red-eye bass. I then cut over to Eggleston and walked by the river for twenty five minutes. I sent belated birthday greeting to Claire and I am going to take the girls out on Friday and I will give Claire her present then.

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