Sunday, July 24, 2016

excellent kayaking

Sunday was a tiring day but it ended quite well. I wasn’t sure I could rent a kayak today so I didn’t sleep that well and at 7 I drove down and called Shawn and he told me I could definitely get one at 11 do I emailed my kayak friend and she okayed the time. I went back to sleep for a while, after playing some piano and doing one set of exercises. I got to Tangent about twenty minutes early and then my friend and Mark Shanley showed up and we got out boats and headed to Dudley’s landing. It was a fun trip and Mark spent a good bit of time collecting golf balls from the River Course (he got 28 keepers) and my friend and I had a lot of laughs and a good chat. The river was very low (2.1) but it didn’t cause any real problems. Then I drove to my office for a nap and then off to Craig creek for a drive then to Roanoke College for a 45 minute bike ride just before dark. I drove to Applebees for dinner and my lumosity training and my blog.

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