Friday, July 29, 2016

Summer II is Done

Another early morning had me getting things ready at 5 after I finished my first set of exercises. I washed some clothes, gathered some stuff for the trip tomorrow, put a few things in the truck and then headed down at 9 to call Rob’s office about the large blister on my big toe and between the next toe. Fifty yards down the road and a big tree had fallen. I tried to call Mike but only left a message, then got my chainsaw out and cut it almost completely through before the battery gave out. I went back and put the battery on the charger and then Mike appeared but without a chainsaw. He called Eric, the chief logger, who said he would come up soon and help. We waited a while and then Mike left and I went back to work on getting the truck ready until I heard a chainsaw and Eric was down there cutting the whole tree up and rolling the pieces down into the ravine. I helped a little but in ten minutes he was done and I was so glad. I offered him some money and he refused so I asked what he drank and I am going to get him a couple cases of Bud Light. I drove down to the pasture and Rob’s office said I could come in at 11:45 so I rushed back to the house, showered, got my stuff together and then headed to Rob’s where he said he wasn’t sure what it was but he told me to soak it in salt water and see if that dried it up. I took a quick nap and then played nine holes of golf with all my clubs (my leg was a little shaky from the chainsawing) and played very well, a 43 with the last two holes from the blue tees. I then drove to my office and got some stuff packed, took a quick nap, then packed everything up. I put in my grades earlier so I am all done with the semester and when I return it will be to my new office. I still have to write a teaching plan for Rosemary but that is about it.

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