Sunday, July 3, 2016

More work on the generator box

Another good day of the Fourth of July extended weekend. I woke up around 8, did my first set of exercises, practiced piano, did some light weights, brought the hayfork and the scrap wood to the tractor barn, cleared out the area around the electric meter. Still made no sense of it. I decided to take the hinges off the old generator box and that took a few minutes since they were so corroded and painted over. However I did get one out so I could pick up a couple more later. I did a second set of exercises, again really working hard. I am done with my Tuesday-Thursday outline and I just have to change the dates for the Monday-Wednesday one. I also have the rules to do. I rode my bike for thirty minutes then showered and headed into Lowes to get the firring strip, some brads, and the new heavy duty hinges. Then I went over to Walmart for my meds and a replacement spinner. The weather was still holding so I went for a walk on the Huckleberry for almost a half hour. Then it was time to drive out to Eggleston and see if I could catch a fish or two. I got several hits on the popper but no fish but it was very nice out there even if the river was a bit crowded. I drove back to Macado’s for dinner, my lumosity training, my blog update, and hopefully some reading for Tuesday’s class. Overall, a pretty good day.

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