Friday, July 15, 2016

Three weeks of class finished

Thursday was the end of my third week of classes and class went well and I treated the class to pizza. Two more weeks left and I am on my way to Canada. In the morning I did my exercises, some medium weights, piano, and did a few things around the house. After teaching I headed out to play 18 holes of 80 yard golf, then went for a good walk with Rob on the Tom’s creek trail, then rode my bike for a half hour at VT. I shouldn’t have ridden my bike so when I was done my knee was pretty stressed. I didn’t do any exercises when I got home, just iced my leg and watched some more of the Open. In the morning my knee was a bit swollen and very stiff so I walked a little, did some tasks around the house (putting the bottle holder on my bike, getting the recycling together, getting a bag of garbage ready, watering the greenhouse (the only thing left are the tomato plants and I’m not sure they will ripen before I leave. I cut up the cardboard boxes and fixed my fishing gear so I am ready for my next time out. I also saw that I can get my golf bag under the bed so that is where it will probably stay, thus giving me more room. I did some weights and practiced piano and then headed in for my therapy session. Dan’s sister Theresa was there and she was fun to joke with. I didn’t do much damage to my knee so Dan thought it would be okay to ride my bike a little bit later on. I drove to my office , walked over to the library to get The Rise of David Levinsky and American Beauty so I will have some reading for my summer trip and the movie for class on Tuesday. In about an hour, I will meet Maddie for dinner. Had a nice chat with Dave and I think it was good for him.

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