Monday, July 4, 2016

the new generator box is in place

Another pretty good day, the fourth of July, that finds me at the University Starbucks because of the threatening weather. I did two sets of heavy duty exercises and they really hurt. I have taken the compression sock off and my knee felt a little loose but not too bad (the sock goes after six weeks). I practiced piano and did my weights (most of which were with the heavier 8 pounder), then decided to move my new generator box over to the generator. I had taken the nuts off and one of the hinges yesterday (buying two new heavy duty ones) so I decided to flip the old one over and it broke free. Then after putting the box on the wrong way (rushing again), I put it back on the right way and put the wood screws in both hinges, having already put the new nuts on the bolts in the concrete. It looks great and it should last until I move out. I also swept out from under the generator and it is nice and neat and clean. I was happy that the copperhead wasn’t back although I would have just nudged him away. I also got in 30 minutes of biking. The weather is still threatening but I will probably head out toward Pembroke just for the ride.

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