Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Still problems with my therapy

A good day of teaching; a frustrating day at therapy. I spent the morning cutting the grass, working on piano, doing a set of exercises, medium weights, reading for class, doing a wash and washing the dishes. I headed in to teach and it was a good class on Fuller and Thoreau. I then took a quick nap and headed over to Total Motion where I could see that Dan was not too happy with the straightness of my knee. He really manipulated my knee and I was in intense pain for many minutes. I talked it over with him and he thought I might be doing a little too much and that my pain with walking is coming about because my knee is slightly bent when I am walking, which is a no-no. Dan also thought I might cut back my at home exercises a little. It was very frustrating and I decided after I left to go play golf and I did, and it didn’t seem to hurt my knee much (I played from 80 yards out and shot a 36 for nine). I emailed my kayak friend and told her I want to go this weekend and I do even though I am not totally sure I should. Matt at East Coasters has found the stuff to lower my pedals and I should be on my new bike next week. I talked to Rob and he had a good time in West Virginia rafting the New and I should get a walk in with him next week. I haven’t heard from Cathy so I assume things were fine with Claire. I am at O’Charley’s, having finished my dinner and my lumosity training and I will stop over at Walmart for supplies.

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