Thursday, July 28, 2016

final day of classes

Another day that went pretty well but I was very tired in the afternoon. I got up pretty early, did one set of exercises, then cut the grass. After that I went back to sleep and woke up about 9:15, did another set of exercises, some weights, a laundry and then drove in to Red Lobster to see Claire. That was a lot of fun and it sounds like she and luke are going to end up buying a house after all. I drove in to RU and met with one student and she accepted an A- so she wouldn’t have to rewrite her paper again and my other student’s paper was fine so he got an A. I took a nap then did more work on clearing out my office and then at 4 I went over to the event for Mark Shanley’s retirement and he was very friendly. I went back to my office and rested again and then drove out to Walker and got a few hits and landed one fish. Then it was time to drive to VT for my bike ride of 45 minutes. Following that, off to Macado’s for a little bit to eat. I think getting up so early (a little after 4) really threw me off.

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