Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Starting to get ready for my trip

A decent day as I got my truck in pretty good shape for the trip, did two sets of exercises, played half my piano pieces, did my weights and got some stuff for the trip ready in the house. I drove in to teach and the student papers were mixed. One was pretty bad, the other needed more detail, and the two other were decent. The students don’t seem to have been taught structure or how a paragraph works. Pretty stunning to me. I had a meeting with one student after class and I went through a topic sentence outline and that helped. I will meet with the other student tomorrow at 12. After my office hours I headed to Tom’s creek to meet Rob and go on a full walk, the first time since my surgery. After that I drove out along 42 then drifted over to the lovely John’s creek valley, then a quick nap, then a bike ride at VT for 45 minutes then sushi at Greens. Kim Gainer got the interim Associate Dean’s position and I am very happy for her. I moved my Yellowstone reservation to the 18th through the 21st and I should be able to at least spend one day in the park. I am ready to go right this second.

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