Monday, August 1, 2016

The first three days of my trip

I was up very early again, close to 4 and I got almost everything ready for the trip (and did a partial set of exercises) before I dropped back to sleep for a few minutes at about 5:30. I did not want to get up but I had to be at RU at 8 so I forced myself up with a cup of coffee and was able to leave by 7:10. No one showed up at my final (as I expected) and at 8:50 I was on my way to Mackinac Island, 715 miles away. I got a 30 minute ride in a Paint Creek near Mahan, then another 30 minute ride at a totally empty park. I took a walk in a Walmart for 20 minutes and then a final 20 minute ride at a motel complex in Sandusky, where I will be staying at the KOA there. I needed three quick naps to keep going and certainly getting up so early contributed to that. My blister is about the same but it doesn’t hurt so I am just going to let it run its course unless it gets worse. I got a response back from Dan Woods (he is no longer the editor) and he is pretty sure the new editor will use my pieces. I made it up to Mackinaw City in two days of pretty heavy driving, some napping, a bad night camping at a loud KOA in Sandusky, the a very good night at a Quality inn in Mackinaw City. I rode my bike a number of times, played golf and shot a 49 (playing with all my clubs), did my knee exercises morning and evening and overall got up here which was the point. My toe problem hasn’t gotten any better and I tried to go to a dermatologist but I don’t think I’ll find one till Winnepeg. Rob thinks I might have to get it biopsied if it doesn’t clear up. Monday turned out to be a very fine day. I did my exercises, had a nice breakfast at the Quality Inn, showered and got the 10 AM boat to Mackinac Island. It was a nice ride over and once I got there I rode the first five miles before taking a short break. So many wonderful bikes. I rode the last three miles and had a quick sub before getting on the 1 PM boat back to Mackinaw City. Then it was driving up to the Canadian border (no wait) and heading off to Wawa (where I am camping, with the night cool). I stopped for a 30 minute bike ride at Pancake Bay provincial park and then fished for 20 minutes at Mom Lake, with a few light hits but no fish. After registering at the campground, I drove into Wawa for dinner at the Wawa motel’s restaurant and had a very decent pickerel dinner (with just a few bones in the fish). There I sent a funny message to my kayak friend (who was having a tough day) and stopped for a cheese Danish and a small coffee at the Tim Horton’s. I am also going to start writing my FAR attachment for Rosemary.

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