Wednesday, August 10, 2016

final western trip entry

This will be the final entry from the trip and things ended pretty well. I drove almost 500 miles yesterday, staying in a Comfort Inn just outside of Dayton. I had a delivered pizza for dinner and got to the motel just before an amazing storm started. I did my exercises well and treated my feet but stopped the ear antibiotic (I think it is back in shape). I had a hard time sleeping (I guess I was worried about returning home) so I took an OTC sleeping aid and slept till after 9. That meant I had to hurry and I did my exercises and my yoga quickly and was off in the pouring rain by a little past 10:30. It was hard driving for the first hour and a half but then it cleared and I rode my bike on a closed road, then on Paint Creek near Mahon, then on the Huckleberry at Merrimac. I headed to O’Charley’s for dinner (cedar plank salmon for a healthy meal) and did my lumosity training for the first time in a week or so and I am finishing my trip blog. I will pick up some supplies and head home shortly. Sam from Dodson treated the house so I should have no insect problems and there shouldn’t be any trees down since Sam was up there today. Overall it was a decent trip but as I got further from home I felt more and more vulnerable and more worn down. I should have just gone to Colorado and that would have been a much easier trip. Sleeping in my truck didn’t work out too well. Some nights were too hot and it was hard to get in and out with my recovering knee. I also couldn’t do my exercises correctly and showering in my bathing suit and tevas (to protect my feet from more athlete’s foot) got old quickly. I got rooms each night on the way back and that was very comfortable if a lot more expensive. I think the next time I want to get to the Canadian Rockies and Vancouver, I will take the train. Going to Mackinac Island was fine and going around Lake Superior was also reasonable. I just have to cut back on the very long trips.

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