Monday, August 15, 2016

another day at home

I didn’t sleep that well and ended up taking an otc sleeping pill at about 5 and then when I woke up, it was almost 11, which is quite amazing. I will have to see Rob about how sleepy I am, especially now that the rouse is much cooler, around 74. At 5 I decided to put some stuff I wasn’t going to use (the seat for the bath tub, which I didn’t need, but may need if I have to have my other knee done, and some boxes and my walker). When I woke up at 11 I did one set of exercises, practiced my piano, did my weights and yoga, did another set of exercises, used the bleach in the washing machine but it didn’t do much good, and changed my bed linen. After showering, I drove into town, calling Toyota and the service guy telling me to drop by so they can reset the warning stuff. When I got in I put the shirts in the laundry and went to eat at China Inn. The shirts smelled fine so it seems to be either the machine or the water. More investigation will be needed. After I put the clothes in the dryer, I went for a 25 minute walk (I have a rash or an abrasion on my butt so I put some cortisone 10 on it and it is feeling better). No bike riding today or probably tomorrow. I will go for another walk and I may go see Pete’s dragon. My outlines and rules are all finished and Rosemary’s last email mentioned that it would be after Thursday when we might get in to our new offices. Still no desire to travel yet. I guess staying home isn’t too bad.

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