Thursday, August 11, 2016

Back Home and Settling in

I got up Thursday morning at about 5 and decided to get to work clearing out the truck and starting to put things away. I got everything inside and filled up the low tires then did my exercises, did my yoga and weights, practiced most of my songs (for the first time in over two weeks), and did a laundry. There was a nap in there at some point and after watching some Olympic golf, I headed into town to get my bike fixed. Ian and company worked on it quite a bit and after a few final adjustments it was riding fine. I went for a half hour ride on the Huckleberry at Merrimac, then headed to Walmart to pick up some supplies, then it was off to Greens for a nice sushi dinner and my lumosity training, finishing the rules for the 2 sections of 200, then time for my blog. I am going to go for a bike ride on the tech campus and then home to put away some more stuff and watch the Olympics.

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