Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Pretty Rough Day

Today was not a great day. I hurt my knee pretty bad a couple of days ago moving boxes then playing golf and today it still was pretty sensitive even though I did one set of exercises in the morning. I did my piano playing but didn’t do the bike or weights or yoga. I drove in and picked up Maddie and had a good chat with her. I know she appreciates the rides and I enjoy talking with her. I did very little walking then drove home to rest and clean up a few more things including changing the hours on my office hours. Then I checked my blood pressure and it was way up (the lowest figure was in the 170s). I took my morning meds because I wasn’t sure I had this morning and then I drove into town to check my blood pressure and it was better (the low was 160 and 84). The pharmacist didn’t think it was too much of a concern but it did scare me. After that I drove to Panera for dinner and my lumosity training and sending my outlines and rules out. I iced my knee and I am going to go shopping when I leave. I think I cheered up my kayak friend with a very funny email.

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