Sunday, August 14, 2016

another good day in the hollow

Another good day staying at home in my air conditioned house until the late afternoon. I treated the washing machine again and I will get some bleach to try to make it even better. I did two full sets of exercises, played all my piano songs, did my weights and yoga, and napped a couple of times. I also did some more cleaning and the house really looks good for a change. I had a wonderful time at dinner with Cathy yesterday and we talked for almost 4 hours. After leaving Cathy, I rode my bike for a half hour at Radford and that was fun. I talked to Gyorgyi today and she is too busy to have dinner right now but her brother Andrew is coming down with Sylvia and Laura. I am looking forward to seeing all of them especially Laura. I rode my bike at Tech this afternoon for over 40 minutes and I intend to ride one more time later. I am not sure if I should drive to Charlotte for a couple of days but I certainly don’t have a great need to do so. I am also surprised that I haven’t wanted to go fishing since I got back. I would have thought about golf today but I am going to rest my back another day.

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