Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Finally a Tech Memorial poem

c I decided to go see Pete’s Dragon and it was a decent film, certainly not a great flick. After that, still having some energy, I picked up a cigar and some coffee and headed for the Tech Memorial to see if I could get a poem going and I did. It was a good one, I think, and I mailed it to my kayak friend : "Better safe than sorry," You wrote. Simply and sincerely And absolutely right. It is 12:30 AM and I am parked Right next to the Tech memorial, A place I like to sit by With a rare cigar And a cup of coffee, Listening to Adele's "Hello" And other songs, and I think Of the 32. I wonder If they thought about safety That morning. There were no rapids To paddle through, just mad Lead coming right at them In a few short hours. No, One was thinking of a few Buds After class, or a single kiss From someone just met, Or if the class was getting What was being taught. No Safety was there. They all exist Only in the fading thoughts of others, in their soft tears, and in the certainty of carved names in Hokie stone. It was very comforting to finish this poem, versions of which I have worked on a number of times. I got home at almost 2 and then watched some TV before dropping off. I woke early, went for a hike down to the big pine, went back and dropped off to sleep, waking around 11. I did my exercises, played piano, weights and yoga, then did a second set of exercises before showering and heading off for golf. I shot very well from the red tees (44/46) and talked to Rob a bit (his trip to Chicago with Noah was a big success) and then talked to Gloria and she is doing fine. I may get together with Claire on Friday but that depends on Gyorgyi. After a Sonic snack, I took a quick nap and then headed for Panera to have coffee and dessert and do my Lumosity and my blog. I am going to walk now and then maybe walk again later. My butt injury feels better and I may try biking tomorrow.

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