Tuesday, August 30, 2016

second day of classes

My second day of teaching went pretty well although I have one big class that I hope won’t be hard to control. I have one student already from that class who might cause my some difficulty. I shall see. In the morning I did two sets of exercises, played half my piano tunes, and did my weights and yoga. Earlier I had taken a walk down to the big white pine but I never got there because half way down I ran into a fairly large black bear. I was of course startled and I said loudly, Hey, Hey and the bear ran off. It was very exciting. After teaching my second class, I went to play golf and shot a 44/41 (with a 7) so it was a very good day. I went to Bull and Bones for a half rack of ribs which were very good and then I took a quick nap and rode my bike for 30 minutes. The it was time for ice cream and coffee at Macados.

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