Saturday, August 5, 2017

A Bit of a Catchup

Wednesday was another good day.  I started out with a hike to the second stump and took some pictures of various places to remember my hollow with.  I did my knee exercises, 3 sets of yoga and weights, all my sacred piano pieces twice, washed the dishes, and reviewed Barron and read a little more of Exodus and God’s long response to Job in the book of Job.  I haven’t gotten a response from David and Laura from my text but I assume they will respond at some point.  I got my blood work done and I am assuming my numbers will be pretty good since I am feeling so good.   I need to decide on a TV soon so I have to spend some time on that.  The Comcast technician is coming on the 16th so I need the TV by then.  I edited Lauren Fritz’s essay and I wrote a letter of rec for Claire Gallo.  I am going to go bike riding later and that should be fun. 

Thursday was another good day.  I woke at about 9 (more nightmares) and got busy pretty quickly.  I played piano, did my weights and yoga, did my knee exercises and read a little more of exodus and the ending of Job and reviewed Barron some.  No word from David and Laura.  My meeting with Kitty Devereaux didn’t go that well.  She was concerned about my lupus (a legitimate concern) but we really didn’t click.  I don’t think her team of Stephen ministers are going to vote to accept me.  No real loss.  I went over to the Meadows but rain killed my round and three double holes so I didn’t lose any of my rounds left.  I then ate a quick meal at Panda Express and took a quick nap before the reading group.  It was another fun meeting and I can’t wait for the final session.  I hope Deacon Mike does another book.   I also had a nice lunch with Claire Hall at Gillies and she is doing well.  After the reading group, I went for a 35 minute ride in the Perry Street garage.

Friday is turning out to be a good day.  I didn’t sleep that well, since I left a light on in the kitchen, but I turned it off and didn’t have to take any valium to go back to sleep.  I awoke at 9, did my knee exercises, then took a hike down into the pasture.  I took a couple breaks on the two stumps but I felt fine throughout the hike.  I lay down for a while, reading more of Exodus and more of Dostoyevsky’s The Idiot and I am enjoying it pretty much.  I then did three sets of weights and yoga and then headed out to play golf even though it looked like I might get rained out again.  I didn’t and I was 6 under after 7 holes but I played the par 5 as a real par 5 and ended up with a 9 and a 7 and I got a 6 and a 5 on the last hole so I ended up not breaking 100.  I then drove over to McDonald’s for a chicken sandwich and a quick nap and now I am at the Bburg McDonalds and doing my blog before I go bike riding.  I emailed Kitty Devereaux and told her I wasn’t a good fit for the Stephen Ministry.   Still no word from David and Laura but they may have written me at Hethwood so I have to check.

Saturday was a good day. Last night, however, I ended up killing the battery in my truck while I was talking to Dave even though I didn’t have the lights on.  I had to walk up from the pasture to the house at about 9:30 but it wasn’t too bad.   My knee held up okay and I ended up treating myself to spaghetti with clam sauce and some steamed vegetables.  This morning my knee was a little stiff but I hiked down to the truck with the portable charger I had (I put it in my good pack) but I really had no charge in it so I called Mike, then Chris and then Pat called and said he could come over to jump and he did, no problem.  I drove over to the recycling site and got rid of the useless charger then headed home for a well needed nap.  I did my knee exercises, three sets of weights and yoga, washed the dishes and read some more of Exodus and The Idiot.  I headed out around 3:45, talked to the folks at Hethwood about putting things on the walls (just spackle the holes when you leave) and there is a possibility I will be able to get in a few days early, which would might be helpful.  I went to the 5 pm mass and I felt very good and calm, and after it finished I decided to drive out to the bridge on Walker Creek and fish a bit.  It was a lovely drive and I caught a decent red eye and an even larger small mouth bass.   I stopped to get a pizza and ate only about half of it then drove to the Armstrong lot to ride for about 35 minutes.  Then to my office to print out the payroll withholding forms and do my blog.

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