Thursday, August 10, 2017

Another good day

Thursday was another good day although I had a little trouble getting up but when I did I went for a hike to the first stump, then did my sacred songs once, did my knee exercises, read more Exodus, washed the dishes, and did my weights and yoga.  I then lay down for 20 minutes then got ready to go and drove to Collision Plus, where the fellow there put the tailgate piece on in a few minutes and didn’t charge me anything.   I offered a tip but he wouldn’t accept it.  The I drove over to the Meadows and shot 10 under (90 for both balls) and really played well.  I have 5 nine hole rounds left and I should be able to get them in by the time the course closes on August 31th.  I talked to Gloria and she is still not doing so well so I hope she gets better by the time she goes to England to visit Bryana.  I talked to Dave yesterday and we had a long and fruitful conversation, especially about his upcoming talk with Erina.  I did my bike riding after going for a walk with Rob and got home at 10 and cooked dinner. 

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