Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Good Numbers

Tuesday was another good day, with a walk in the morning, more Exodus and Vibrant Paradoxes and The Idiot, weights and yoga, piano and getting the TV stand emptied and cleaned.  I later drove in to see Dr. Trivedi and the news was pretty good.  My Hemoglobin was 9.0 (about a pint down), creatine 1.2 (almost normal), White Blood Cells 5.7 (which is good) .  The only real concern was the protein in the urine 13 (which is still too high).  If my numbers get better I may not have to go to any more chemo and I don’t have to go back for bloodwork for a month.  Christie gave me the shot to help my blood and it didn’t hurt too much.  After leaving at 5:15 I drove over to the Meadows and played very well (at one point I was 12 under and I finished 6 under and a played both par 5s from the red tees.  Then it was time to ride my bike and head home for prayers and songs. 

Wednesday was okay though the shot made me a little queasy.  I did a shorter walk, then did all my piano work, weights and yoga, dish washing, knee exercises and more Exodus, Barron and The Idiot.  I drove in to get the tail light fixed but Toyota couldn’t put the new piece in until I got it hammered out a bit and I will get that done tomorrow at collision plus.  The whole thing is only going to cost about 260 so that is not that bad.  I then had a barbeque sandwich at Due South and headed to my office to send Kate my commentary and edit Lauren’s revised piece.  I also updated my resume and took a good nap and I will be going bike riding later. 

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