Sunday, August 13, 2017

Dinner with the Gallos

Sunday turned out well.  I slept okay, got up around 9 and then began working on getting everything ready for Claire tomorrow.  I made a lot of progress but I need 4 more boxes and Claire is going to bring them.  I did my weights and yoga, my piano playing, rested a couple of times, finished the Barron reading for Thursday, washed the dishes, and got ready to go about 1:45.    I drove over to Dougie’s and left him the trimmer and the logging helmet along with the Kevlar pants.  I will drop off the chainsaw after I leave the hollow on Tuesday.  Then I headed to Grand furniture and bought a new couch for 476 dollars, including removal of my very old love seat.  I was expecting to spend 600 so I saved over a hundred, which right now will help.  Then I took a quick nap, and headed over to Olive Garden to watch some of the PGA championship.  The Gallos got there at about 5:40 and we had a good time, lots of joking and they could tell I felt a lot better.  After dinner I drove to Perry parking garage and rode my bike for 45 minutes going up and down the ramps a number of times.  Then it was time for coffee and dessert at Starbucks and my blog.  Good day.   Still no word from the Hamiltons but I decided to leave all the manuals.  I did also warn them about cleaning the dryer vent to prevent a fire.   Tonight will be my next to last night in the hollow.  I am sure it is the right time to move.  I am really done with maintaining equipment, pruning the road, opening endless gates, and worrying about fallen trees. 

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