Monday, August 7, 2017

Dopey Driving

Sunday turned out very well.  I had a little trouble sleeping but took a 2.5 mg valium to get back to sleep.  I was able to do my knee exercises, all me weights and yoga, washed the dishes, and took a quick nap before getting ready to go kayaking.   I got there with plenty of time to spare and the trip itself was a lot of fun, especially the last section of rapids.  We had a very good chat and we are hoping to go again soon.  I had some food, left a message for Rob about walking, took a quick nap and I am now at McDonald’s doing my blog.  I had a little swelling in my ankles so I took half a lasix earlier.   I ended up heading over to Rob’s for a walk but since he was tired and so was I we decided to shop for a new TV for me at Best Buy.  I ended up purchasing a 43 inch Toshiba, the modem I need and a printer, all for under 400 dollars.  I then went bike riding for 35 minutes and headed home for dinner and prayers and songs.

Monday gave me a few problems, mainly that I hit a small tree while backing down my driveway and totaled the driver side taillight.   Visions of 500 to 1000 came to me but after I headed to Toyota, the whole fix should be less than 300 so that’s not so bad.   I did my knee exercises and cleaned the 4 bookcases I am going to take with me and I may be able to use a piece of my furniture for a TV stand, which will save at least 150 dollars.  I had a long talk with Kelly and she was very happy that I am doing so much better.  She has had a busy week but seems to be keeping her head above water.  It was good to have a long chat with her.  I will be heading over to Best Buy in a few minutes, then on to Holy Spirit.  I also had a nice chat with Judy and I am really hoping that I can visit Patty and her kids when I go out to Las Vegas.   

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